Elase_medical_spas_orlando_floridaWith over 14 years of laser experience Elase Medical Spas has been one of Central Florida’s top medical spas. Elase offers a wide variety of services to help patients feel younger, more refreshed and rejuvenated without the downtime. As the leading laser company in Central Florida, Elase performs thousands of laser treatments yearly. Elase offers SmartLipo, a cutting-edge laser technology for removing fat cells permanently with a laser when diet, exercise or non- invasive treatments are not enough. Elase offers non-invasive solutions to body slimming, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation for tone and texture as well as cellulite reduction, medical skin care and more! Elase has changed all the rules for laser hair removal, making treatments affordable for everyone with a low monthly payment without credit checks, down payments or financing! In this economy, Elase has made everything you want and more affordable at a price you can touch.

Whether you would like to take off 10 years with Botox and fillers, slim, tone and firm or get your youthful, glowing skin back, Elase is the place for all your cosmetic needs.

Elase has joined with Board Certified Plastic Surgeons for all of your cosmetic surgery needs. Elase offers everything from breast augmentations to “tummy tucks” and face lifts. Come visit our AAAASF (Quad A) certified cosmetic surgery center today for your free consultation. The Elase surgical team offers you over 30 years of experience, to insure the highest quality and patient satisfaction.

At Elase, we know you are looking for healthy, vibrant skin for a refreshed andrejuvenated look. We recommend the best in skin care services and products for your esthetic needs. We offer a full line of light to deep chemical peels as well as microdermabrasion or our signature medical facial addressing the specific needs of your skin.

With years of experience and professional, qualified medical staff, Elase is the place for all your esthetic and cosmetic needs at a price you can touch! Come in for a free consultation at one of our two locations